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For corporate events, vendor shows, company retreats, team building, training, education or any other type of work event you need a large, professional space for.

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At The Offices, we bring the right people to you. By creating an intentional, curated guest list, we create a marketplace of buyers and sellers at our networking events. Through the sharing of intellectual capital and the facilitation of deeper, stronger business relationships, our unique networking events are designed to make our members and their business.

Training & Education

Our space is perfect to host a training or educational event or series for your employees or to the public. Comfortable for a small or large group with all of the latest technology and comforts to be able to stay all day! Anything from an employee retreat, hunter safety course, trainings, workout classes, art shows, the possibilities are endless!

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Member Events

Reach out to us to see how this space could work for you businesses event. We are always adding, changing and adapting to what works best for our members and their business goals. Take a tour with us today!

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